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With a highly successful career spanning over a decade, in addition to having sold more than 70 million records worldwide, Ayumi Hamasaki’s megastar popularity and influence in Asia has yet to diminish and is still growing strong unlike most other J-pop acts who now see retirement as one of their goals in the near future. I have been a fan of this woman since the year she released that number one hit which almost became a million seller, “Evolution”, and I must say that although new stars have recently been emerging in an attempt to challenge Ayu for her throne (one such rival is Kumi Koda, another J-pop singer I love for social and personal reasons), her reign as the J-Pop Empress is still as strong as ever.

Despite this, her career has suffered a few losses in the later half of her career such as no more million selling albums after “My Story”, no more million selling singles after “&” and releasing not as many miscellaneous records (remixes and whatnot) as she previously did. On the lighter side of things, she still manages to retain her talent of achieving consistent number one hit singles every year fro 1999 to 2009 (2010 if you include her new single “You were…/BALLAD”) and that goes for her albums as well. She also hold the record for most number singles by a Japanese artist (35 in total), more than that of notable acts like B’z or Mr.Children, making her the only artist in Japan to achieve said record.

And as with fame, she deals with both sides of the coin, namely the “good” (popularity, influence, wealth,etc…) and the “bad” (management control, blackmail, statistical manipulation, etc…) in a fairly unbiased manner. In my opinion, Ayu is unlike most others who create music for the sake of it or just want to be famous simply because she originally didn’t have any intention to be a star. She also sees music as an outlet to express herself, a tactic in career that has allowed her millions of fans around the world to appreciate her personality and buy her music regardless of the corruption rooted within that regional industry.

There maybe other powerful Japanese musicians in the business who make music for their own reasons (such as Hikaru Utada, Namie Amuro, Arashi and others), but i believe that Ayumi is the best of them all simply because she is honest about herself and always gives with every performance her all. Sure she makes some mistakes in her life but no one is perfect.

Experience Japanese culture like you never have before.

Meet Dadadadan Tenko.

Combining dance, music and theatre in a most unique way, these young musicians bring you a traditional taiko, shamisen and Japanese flute performance with a modern twist. Mixing it up with humorous sketches, this group from Osaka will definitely show you a night to remember. Led by the charismatic and inspirational choreographer Isaya Mondori, they’re finishing up their 6th tour in the Netherlands.

But you can still catch them in Belgium on the following dates:

28/03 Leopoldsburg CC Leopoldsburg
01/04 Bornem CC ter Dilft
02/04 Antwerpen De Roma
09/04 Maaseik CC Achterolmen
10/04 Heist o/d Berg CC Zwaneberg

Ever felt like learning to play Taiko yourself? Keep an eye open because there will be official workshops soon!

Anli Pollicino Europe Tour Official MySpace

12.05. France Wattrelos (La Boite à musique)
13.05  France Colmar (le Grillen)
15.05  Switzerland Winthertur (Japanim Manga Night)
16.05  Germany Munich (Feierwerk)
18.05  Frnace Clermont-fd (Salle Camille Claudel)
19.05  France Lyon (Lyon’s Hall)
20.05  France Marseille (le Baby)
21.05  France Saint Jean de Vedas (Secret Place)
22.05  France Perpignan (le Crockmore)
26.05  SpainMadrid (Wurlitzer Ballroom)
27.05  Spain Bilbao (Santana)
28.05  France Bordeaux (le CAT)
29.05  France Brest (le Vauban)
30.05  France Rennes (Mondo Bizarro)
03.06  Belgium Liege (le Tipi)
04.06  The Netherlands Amsterdam (Winston)
05.06  Germany Cologne (MTC)
06.06  France Paris, (TBC)

Thanks to Sonomi-chan for the information

On Valentine’s day  Satsuki released his third single, also referred to as his third story, celebrating the first anniversary of his solo career. Moon Spiral contains 4 tracks starting off with the title song.

Opening with Satsuki’s harmonic vocals, MOON SPIRAL lures the listener into a melodic rock song. The heavier sounds to this track are somewhat reminiscent of RENTRER EN SOI’s works. The melodic backing vocals and chorus give the song a softer edge, which have become Satsuki’s trademarks.

Being the first song in his solo career which was written for Satsuki apart from the lyrics, PRAY FOR THE SUN, produces a very different sound. The upbeat tempo and melodic rock make the second track on the single a very enjoyable and pleasant song to listen to.

YOU is the only ballad on Moon Spiral, creating a well balanced contrast with the previous two rock tracks. Satsuki’s characteristic vocals filled with emotion are acompanied by the piano, an instrument to which Satsuki has grown very fond of and which plays an eminent role in his solo career.

The third story comes to an end with CLOSS OF YELLOW, which starts off with heavy bass sounds leading us into yet another rock song. More than any of Satsuki’s previous releases, this single portrays the vocalist’s rock side. Long time RENTRER EN SOI fans will definitely recognize Satsuki’s choice in words and poetic sense, which remained unchanged over the years, which only proofs how his solo work is a true reflection of Satsuki’s being to the core.

Also worth mentioning is the participation of drummer Mika formerly in RENTRER EN SOI, who’s also working on a solo project called, forbidden days rhapsody. Mika became  Satsuki’s support drummer after former drummer Kuro left to join a new band. As previously stated, with the only exception of PRAY FOR THE SUN, Satsuki has written all of his solo works himself, proving how versatile this artist actually is. Constantly trying to exceed himself, Satsuki once again was able to release a brilliant single with Moon Spiral.

review author: Daniella
Satsuki Official Myspace

exist†trace europe tour Official myspace

25.04. Moscow (RUS) XO Club
28.04. Helsinki (FIN) Tavastia
30.04. Berlin (D) Columbia Club
01.05. Bochum (D) Zeche
02.05. Utrecht (NL) Tivoli/De Helling
03.05. London (GB) The Underworld
05.05. Paris (F) Nouveau Casino

(dates and places can change)

HITT European Tour 2010 Ramen Events

12. Mar. 2010 Belgium, Brussels
13. Mar. 2010 Belgium, Brussels
19. Mar. 2010 France, Béthune
20. Mar. 2010 France, Paris
26. Mar. 2010 UK, Northampton
03. Apr. 2010 France, LYON
05. Apr. 2010 Lausanne Beaulieu, Switzerland
10. Apr. 2010 Spain, Barcelona
16. Apr. 2010 Wuppertal, Germany
18. Apr. 2010 Belgium, Liège
21. Apr. 2010 France, Paris
24. Apr. 2010 France, Paris
30. Apr. 2010 France, Montpellier
01. May. 2010 France, Montpellier
04. May. 2010 France, Roubaix
22. May. 2010 The Netherlands, Almelo

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Versailles world tour 2010 Official myspace

04. Jun. 2010 Brazil, Sao Paulo
06. Jun. 2010 Chile, Santiago
09.Jun. 2010 Argentina, Benos Aires
11. Jun. 2010 Peru, Lima
13. Jun. 2010 Mexico, Mexico city
27. Jun. 2010 Russia, Moscow
29. Jun. 2010 Finland, Helsinki
30. Jun. 2010 UK, London
02. Jul. 2010 Spain, Barcelona
03. Jul. 2010 France, Montpellie
06. Jul. 2010 The Netherlands, Amsterdam
07. Jul. 2010 Germany, Cologne
09. Jul. 2010 Germany, Hamburg
11. Jul. 2010 Hungary, Budapest
13. Jul. 2010 France, Paris

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